Keep Lettuce Fresh Longer

Romaine lettuce has an impressive array of nutrients for a tiny number of calories so it fits beautifully in your weight loss plan. Two cups of romaine lettuce, the minimal you’d need for a salad, has just 16 calories and you get vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, manganese, and chromium. When you buy lettuce, avoid heads with wilted leaves. Wash thoroughly under cold running water. Dry leaves thoroughly by using a salad spinner. Don’t cover it with the dressing until just before serving or it may wilt the leaves.

Romaine lettuce has a short shelf life. To keep the leaves fresh longer, line a plastic storage container with paper towels, place the lettuce in an even layer on top, and covered it with another layer of paper towels before locking down the lid. Leave plenty of space in the box so the lettuce isn’t jam-packed. A box also protects the leaves from getting bruised by other foods in the refrigerator.