Is Your Child Underweight For Their Age?

There are several signs that parents should watch for:

  • Your child is losing weight as noticed by his pediatrician during successive visits.
  • Your child doesn’t outgrow clothes each season.
  • You can clearly see your child’s ribs during a bath or while changing.
  • Your child continues to be a picky eater.
  • They have hormonal or digestive problems that have kept them from gaining weight.
  • The kid runs around and plays a lot but don’t eat enough.
  • The child grazes through the day on processed, snacks and refuses to have nourishing meals.

If this happens:

  • Set meal and snack times so that the child is hungry at the meal.
  • Don’t be too generous with fruit juices. They fill up without giving any energy, fat or protein.
  • Add healthy fats, like nut butters and healthy oils, into the child’s diet.