What Are the Best Low Fat and Healthy Foods for Snacks?

Article Author: Eleanor de Bruin


Many people feel that the hardest thing about keeping on top of healthy diet and nutrition is to avoid the urge to snack. The good news is that snacks can actually be beneficial for your wellness and wellbeing, as long as you choose the right snacks.

If you are shovelling handfuls of crisps or slabs of chocolate into your mouth, you will probably find that you gain weight and that your health is not at its best, but there are other ways to snack.

For example, you could try snacking on a small handful of almonds. Almonds are extremely good for you, and are packed full of energy. Many supermarkets now sell various different types of flavoured almonds, such as spicy ones, wasabi ones or honey glazed ones. Make sure that any additional sugar is kept to a minimum, and you will find that a few of these nuts keep the hunger pangs at bay and keep your wellness boosted.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more carbohydrates, you could try snacking on a multi-grain waffle with natural fruit preserves spread on top. Alternatively, you could substitute the fruit preserves for honey or fresh berries. This tasty and nutritious snack should help keep the hunger pangs at bay and leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

Cheese can also make a good snack, and you could try eating a one-inch cube of a hard cheese (such as Gouda) alongside a few pieces of dried fruit.

Cereal can also help you keep going during the day, so when you feel yourself reaching for the biscuits, instead try grabbing a bowl and help yourself to a cup-sized portion of something like bran flakes or oat bran. Alternatively, a small bowl of pureed tomato soup can also be delicious and nutritious, and you can add a dollop of low fat soured cream.