What Diet Personality Are Your Family Members?

Research suggests that there’s a relationships between eating style and food intake. In other words: How you eat affects how much you eat. Here are some ‘obese habits’:

 The Diver – At a buffet, you don’t look around to pick and choose or even give a thought to what you should eat and what to best avoid. You dive right in and start loading your plate.

 The Eat-n-bolt variety – Chewing habits of the obese seem to be different from those not obese. In a study it was found that the heaviest people chewed their food an average of 11.9 times before swallowing while the leanest chewed 14.8 times. They dig in and clean their plates. There are times when you have to ignore mom’s advice and let some food stay back on your plate. Of course, what is better is to start off with smaller portions and avoid waste as also from waste going to your waist!

 The Shark – You take huge bites. You devour foods in large chunks and when you finish quickly, you go for the seconds or the thirds or more.

The Strutter – While in company, you make a great show of being on a diet but then end up attacking a cheesecake wildly by yourself when alone. Temptations will come thick and fast.

The Victim – You just can’t say No. Your family can tempt you with food, imply that you no longer appreciate them if you don’t like the food they’ve prepared, your friends don’t want to lose their ‘food buddy’ and you end up falling prey to every treat at workplace parties, every fizzy with your kids, and accompany your friends to check out the latest eating place. And all of it shows on your belly!