Slow Cooking Is Healthier

There has been a notable increase in its sales of slow cookers the world over. Slow cooking is not only a great way to cook delicious, nutritious meals, but also tremendously efficient. A low-power heating element slowly cooks the contents of the ceramic pot in water or other liquid. The temperature is brought to just below boiling point to cook your food gradually over several hours. This makes slow cookers ideal for dishes such as stews and casseroles, soups, hotpots and pot roasts, and even some ragù, curry and tagine recipes.

While cooking meat or vegetables for a long time usually causes them to lose a considerable amount of nutrients, this is not a problem with slow cookers. Lower temperature means fewer nutrients are destroyed during cooking, and the lid means the nutrients that do escape from meat and vegetables remain in the liquid, rather than draining away. Meals from a slow cooker are therefore healthier than some other cooking methods – although it’s a good idea to trim fat off meat before slow cooking.

With energy consumption only slightly higher than a domestic light bulb, slow cookers are the perfect option in these times.