Make Healthy Foods Accessible

Be sure that the kids will make the similar healthy choices that you would but let them do their own exploring and experimenting when it comes to their food choices. They don’t have to copy parents exactly because there is usually more than one healthy option, but parents can encourage children to learn to eat healthy and yet let them have some flexibility to explore. Don’t take away a child’s sense of choice and back them into a corner. Understand that accessible foods get chosen easily. If children are to eat fruit and vegetables then they need to be put in reach. Keep chopped vegetables, like cucumber or baby carrots or a bowl of cherry tomatoes, in the fridge, leave fruits in their rooms, pop sliced carrots in their lunch boxes, serve vegetable sticks with dip, natural yoghurt, cheese or wholemeal pita bread as snacks. Taste matters. So, try roasting vegies with fresh herbs and lemon juice or use finely sliced broccoli in a stir-fry or on a pizza instead of large steamed pieces of vegetables.