Stand Up, Move More In The Classroom

Introducing more movement into lessons can help kids lose weight and get healthier, says a study by the researchers from University College London. It is the first scientific assessment of the impact that reducing sedentary behaviour in the classroom has on obesity in primary school children.

Researchers investigated the effect of reducing sedentary time in children in state primary schools. They trained the teachers of some of the schools to include active movement in lessons. The other group of schools continued to teach as normal. They found that in the schools that included more movement in their schedules, children lost weight. Kids did better in sport participation as well. This was regardless of gender.

Researchers say that when you introduce movement into teaching in creative ways, schools can significantly reduce children’s sedentary time. Active movement could be a new approach to reducing child inactivity by integrating non-sedentary behaviour and low-level activity into daily routine. Let students stand up to answer questions or walk around the classroom as a part of a learning exercise. Even small things can lead to a recognisable improvement in their health.