Cats And Weight Issues

Are cats getting fatter? University of Guelph researchers think so. Their findings, published in the ‘Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association’, reveal that even after cats mature from the kitten phase, their weight still creeps up until they are, on average, eight years old. This research provides important baseline information for vets and pet owners about cat weight changes with important clues about their health. The research finds that male cats tend to reach higher weight peaks than females and spayed or neutered cats tend to be heavier than unaltered cats. Among the four most common purebred breeds (Siamese, Persian, Himalayan and Maine Coon), the mean weight peaks between six and 10 years of age. Among common domestic cats, it peaks at eight years. Researchers say that if your cat is gaining or losing weight, it may be an indicator of an underlying problem. The use of automated feeders that could dispense the appropriate amount of food for a cat could help. These feeders could even be equipped with built-in scales.