How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off With An Easy Plan

Anyone can lose weight. They can do this slowly through a calorie reduction diet, or quickly through a crash diet. Some people find success with so called ‘fad’ diets and others increase their exercise and burn off the weight gradually over the weeks. Although it may seem like an extremely hard task indeed, the truth is that losing weight is the easy bit – it’s maintaining the weight loss that is the tricky bit, once you are over the first few pounds.

People make the mistake of thinking that weight management is all about keeping on track of the calories or trying to stick to certain eating plans very strictly, when, in fact, to make a significant difference to your long-term wellness, a diet has to be more of a lifestyle change than simply following a set of rules until the weight comes off. If you do a fad diet it will be very exciting to watch the pounds dropping off, but realistically you are not going to be able to live on cabbage soup, or only meat or whatever it is that the particular diet requires, long term. It’s usually at this point that people slip off track, and then they give up and pile all the pounds that they’ve just lost back on again. How many of us can identify with the term ‘yoyo dieting’?

This yoyo dieting is not very good for your wellbeing. The best way to manage your weight is to lose weight slowly and sensibly by changing your eating habits and your entire attitude to food, and then keep it off, through your new relationship with food.

The LighterLife programme is a diet that aims to help you lose weight in a sensible long-term way, no matter what your lifestyle. Individual programmes are tailored to you and all the meals are family friendly, meaning you don’t have to make separate diet food for yourself. In this way, your entire attitude towards food can be reversed.