Lose Weight As A Family

Eating well, and keeping active, was the normal way of life less than 50 years ago. So was eating fresh, local produce. Kids walked or cycled to school, and automatically played outside afterwards, until called in for a home-cooked, nutritious meal.

Technological inventions have encouraged inactivity, while fast, processed, convenience foods have reduced the nutrient quality of our diet. Often, a predisposition for gaining weight can run in the family, meaning you and your children could be staring at the same fate. Losing weight is hard work, so it helps if you can go through it with your family.

  • The first step before you make any changes to your lifestyle though is to discuss it with your GP. As children are obviously still growing, it is important that weight loss does not affect their development. Often, it’s a case of helping them maintain their weight as they grow taller so they naturally start to slim down. Your doctor can discuss the right way to go about things, offer advice about any additional health problems, and help you and your children navigate their way through the healthy weight loss maze.
  • You can develop your family’s weight loss regime by simply cutting back on fatty and sugary foods, increasing your intake or fruit and vegetables, and upping your level of physical activity. This is the standard of most diets and, if you stick to it, it can prove very effective.
  • There are plenty of activities you can do as a family, from going on family bike rides and swimming, to walking to school or work rather than driving.

Eating better and becoming more active may start out as a chore, but you’ll soon notice the difference in your family’s fitness, energy levels and improved mood and it’ll become a way of life.