How Foods Impact Inflammation

Sugar and foods that are made up of simple carbohydrates, also described as high glycemic index foods, are associated with inflammation. Diets that are low in sugar and simple carbohydrates have been shown to be associated with significantly less inflammation than diets that are low fat but high in simple carbohydrates. Diets that are made up of monounsaturated fats, whole grains, lean meats and fish, fruits, and nuts – also referred to as ‘Mediterranean diet’ are associated with less inflammation. Even if you are of normal weight but have a very high calorie diet, made up mostly of sugar and fat, you may be introducing inflammation into your body. Sugar, polyunsaturated fat of the omega-6 type, trans-fatty acids, and saturated fats have all been linked to increased levels of inflammation. So, it is smart to minimise sources of these in your diet.