Hiking With Your Dog

If you have a moderate-to high-energy dog, know that these dogs are usually very smart and they love to learn, so if you don’t give their energy an outlet, they may have behavioural issues, not to mention excess weight. Exercise is important for dogs in so many ways – it reduces anxious behaviours like digging and chewing, helps them sleep better at night, keeps their weight in check, and increases mobility as they get older. Schedule at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercise daily. A lot of people also like to hike with their dogs. Hiking is one of the best forms of exercise your dog can do. Bring plenty of water for him and a small bowl. Don’t let your dog drink from any puddles or ponds; they could contain parasites and other contaminants. If you’re hiking long enough, bring along food or treats for your dog as well. Let your dog off leash only if you are very certain he’ll come when called regardless of any distractions.