Helping Your Pet Maintain a Healthy Weight

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Many are surprised to learn that household pets often have as great a weight problem as people. Animals tend to overeat and under exercise which leads to excess body fat. This is especially common in dogs and cats. Some breeds gain weight and overeat worse than other breeds.
If you have an animal with a weight problem, it is important to quickly get their weight under control. Household pets are susceptible to many of the same health problems as humans when they are overweight. Some common health problems that your pet may encounter if they are overweight are respiratory issues, heart troubles, diabetes, bone and joint pain, arthritis and more.
One of the best ways to help your animal lose weight is to control their diet. Many pet owners leave a bowl of food out at all times. This makes feeding easier but also allows your animal to overeat. It is best to feed your pet a couple of times each day. The amount of food needed at each feeding varies based on the size of the animal and the food that is used. Most pet food will offer feeding guidelines based on animal weight.
When feeding your pets a specific amount of food, it is important to make sure your pet gets the food it needs. This can become a concern if there are multiple animals. If you have more than one pet, and one tends to eat more than the other, consider separating the animals during feeding time. This will ensure that each pet gets the food they need.
Exercise is also important. Exercise will help your pet stay healthy and lose weight. Dogs are one of the easiest pets to exercise. Take them for a walk or spend some time playing catch. Cats can be a little more difficult to exercise. Many owners find that their cat enjoys playing with toys. Find an exercise method that your pet enjoys.
Monitoring your animal’s weight is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Just like humans, pets need to limit their diet and get proper exercise to maintain their health and avoid debilitating disease.