Fetch! Sports For Lazy Dogs

Different breeds need different amounts of exercise, so consult your vet for guidance on how much activity is right for the animal:

Bring back the ball. Stand in a safe place, away from cars and traffic, and if possible, on a slight elevation. Throw the ball down with enthusiasm and as soon as the dog grabs it and delivers, treat in non-food related ways, with praise or pats and cuddles. After a few throws, switch the dog to something different.

Dig holes! digging is a great way for your dog to relieve boredom or distract themselves from anxiety. But the activity also helps them burn calories. Find a safe place, or a sandbox, where digging is ok, and then using the commands ‘Dig!’ and ‘Stop’ make a game out of it. You can bury treasures, like a treat or a favorite toy, and make the pet find them.

Jump! Let the dog stretch and jump a little for their favourite toy. Encourage the pet’s interest and reward success.

Imitate. Teach your dog to imitate your actions. So, if you run, the dog runs; if you spin so does your pet!

Follow. Make it a habit to let your pet follow as you ride ahead on a bicycle. Time yourself and make sure that the road you choose is safe for the animal.

It is also important to relook at your treats. Many commercial treats are highly processed, with large amounts of added sugar, salt and fat. Consider trying healthier snack options such as small cubes of carrot or apple.