Fat Cats Shouldn’t Rule

Did you know that giving your pet an extra ‘little’ treat can have a large impact on their weight? Combined with a common misconception of what a healthy weight looks like, the current pet obesity epidemic is no surprise. Many pet owners think their pet is too thin. The ribs should be easily and clearly felt with little flesh between the fingers when you pinch the skin.

When it comes to cats, body weight that is 20% or more above normal weight makes them be classified as fat. An overweight pet cannot tolerate warm weather, is less able to exercise and generally has less fun than one which is lean and healthy. Significant overweight can also exacerbate several serious disorders. Among the conditions potentially aggravated by overweight in cats are osteoarthritis, diabetes and heart problems.

Stop making food available throughout the day by leaving the dry variety in the bowl. There should be a distinct meal time. When putting your pet on a diet, it is better for them to lose weight slowly rather than rapidly. Aim for 1-2% loss of body weight per week.