Can You Sketch Yourself Slim?

If you’re watching your weight but find it hard to avoid treats such as chocolate, cake and pizzas when you’re feeling down, a strange new solution could help you resist temptation. Researchers at Bonaventure University in New York have found that simply drawing your favourite foods can improve your mood and help you eat less. During the study, 61 people were divided into four groups and asked to draw different food types. One group was asked to draw pizzas, the second to sketch cupcakes while the third group drew strawberries and the fourth peppers. All participants drew with an empty stomach and those doodling pizzas or cupcakes showed a marked improvement in mood, those drawing strawberries had a moderate improvement while those drawing peppers had only a tiny improvement. The researchers suggest you only need to think about, or see your favourite snacks to feel better in yourself. This, in turn, could reduce your need to comfort eat. If you want to help your kids lose weight, try this ‘Art therapy’ with them!