Work Those Pins!

A lot of women purposely avoid vigorous strength training and similar leg exercises, the rationale being that they want sexy, shapely legs, not thick thighs and calves. However, the truth is that these are exactly the types of exercises you should be doing to achieve the best results. By really working your leg muscles you can change the lean mass to fat ratio, and by boosting your legs’ strength and endurance, you can quickly see a change in shape and tone. If you want toned and shapely legs, it seems that the best way to get them is to build strong legs.

There are plenty of exercise options to help strengthen your leg muscles. Consider

  • Spinning (indoor cycling) – this gives your legs a great, high-intensity workout that really tones the muscles while burning lots of calories.
  • Step exercises are also really good for working the muscles in your calves and thighs, as well as firming and toning your bum!
  •  Squats, lunges and similar leg-based reps are all good, too.

Aside from gym workouts, one of the best favours you can do for your legs is simply to get up and about. If you’re heading for the shops, popping to the bank or whatever, consider walking rather than taking the car. If you take the bus into work, why not walk to the next stop on the route, or the one after that?