Listen To Music, Add 19 Minutes To Your Workout!

Working out, while often enjoyable, is undeniably hard work. Sometimes it does us good to get an extra edge by listening to our favourite music. Research suggests the average person exercises for 19 minutes longer if listening to music when working out. In a survey of 1,621 men and women, a third of respondents claimed that music helped to distract them from the pain or intensity. Others said it helped to break up the monotony so they could exercise for longer, increase the number of reps or lift more weights. Those that claimed not to listen to music when exercising tended to work out for an average of 39 minutes compared with 58 minutes for those who worked to the beat. The majority of people who work out would admit that they tend to feel more inspired if helped along by an upbeat rhythm. We tend to pick up our pace and exercise rate if listening to a fast-paced tune. And if you’re listening to music it’s unlikely that you’re thinking about the pain in your legs as much. Just make sure it’s music that you enjoy, or you could be adding to the pain of a workout!