How Weight Affects Your Relationships

Weight is a loaded issue in our society and it could reflect upon our relationships. Take a look into some of the challenges faced by couples when one partner experiences a significant weight change, whether weight gain or loss, while the other remains more or less the same:

Intimacy issues: The person who gains the weight might be unhappy, not feel attractive, or might be reluctant to be intimate. They may start to feel more insecure. Healthy weight loss, whether for one or both partners, can have a positive impact on a relationship, as the person starts to feel more attractive and better about themselves, and has more energy to invest in living well, together.

Communication: Weight matters are sensitive and often people don’t know how to deal with them. This can manifest itself negatively with nasty or hurtful, loose comments. Make sure you take the time to discuss, as a couple, what kind of impact the changes are having for you, both good and bad. Having a strong communication is important in any relationship, but discussing weight requires even more patience and understanding. A good way to ease the edge of a conversation about weight is to approach the topic as a health concern. Emphasise how much you care for and love your partner, and how you are simply looking out for their best interests. Be gentle for there is already too much social pressure to be a certain size.

Have a health goal, together: Losing weight together is a great way for couples to bond. There is the opportunity to learn something new together, and it is a great way to stay connected. You can support each other and motivate your partner, when he or she is having a rough time. Something as simple as taking walks together can go a long way for your relationship and your waistline.

You deserve being healthy and happy in your relationship. Your partner fell in love with you, not your waist size but you want to live a long, happy life together and being healthy is the best way to achieve it.