How To Eat On Special Occasions

Weddings, birthdays, office parties and other special occasions are much easier to navigate if you plan a bit in advance. To begin with, keep your mealtimes in mind. If you’re going to be eating very late, have a little something before you reach the venue. That will also stop you from overeating. While choosing food, don’t be pressured by your friends and peers. You do you. And mind the portions. If the food offered is mostly unhealthy, eat a little so you sustain yourself till you reach home and then eat right. Also, when you attend the event, remind yourself to focus on the people, not the food. Focus on what you’re enjoying about the event. Is it wearing the clothes you didn’t fit into for a long time? Do you feel more attractive and confident because of your healthy lifestyle choices? Of course, there are times when we fall off the wagon. Know that it’s perfectly normal to do so. So, in case you can’t make the ideal choices at an event, instead of beating yourself up, understand that you can always dust yourself up and get back on track from the next day.