Don’t Go On A Diet!

Don’t go on a diet, eliminating all of your favourite foods, skipping meals or starving yourself in an attempt to lose weight won’t help you with weight loss in the long run.  It is not sustainable, healthy or realistic. You won’t be able to stick to it. Instead, do this:

  • Try to feed your body the nutrients it needs 80% of the time and allow yourself treats once in a while. You can, perhaps, save your treats for birthdays, weddings, parties or events you are going to where you can enjoy whatever is on offer without guilt.
  • The rest of the time, try to make sure each meal and snack is packed with highly nutritious, filling, whole food ingredients.
  • Take packed lunches with you to work and have healthy snacks (like fresh fruit, fresh smoothies, vegetable sticks, nuts and seeds) on hand to grab when you are in a rush.
  • Make your plates of food as colourful as possible, not only to make it is more attractive but also to ensure a good range of nutrients.
  • Make sure that throughout the day you have some healthy fat, good sources of protein, and good quality carbohydrates.
  • Look at feeding yourself as a creative and pleasurable lifestyle change and have fun with it.