Cycling To A Slimmer You

Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that people of all ages can enjoy. It is also fun, cheap and good for the environment. It is a great way to get some good aerobic exercise. For it to be effective, and to lose weight, schedule regular workouts. Select a time of day that works for you and where you are least likely to skip a cycling session. Cycling can be as intense or calming as you like it to be. Would you prefer to do it after work when you are more relaxed? Or first thing in the morning? Include a warm-up and cool-down period, and stretch your muscles before and after you cycle. Make sure that you have the right bike to suit your needs. Some bikes are designed for smooth city surfaces and high speeds, and others are suitable for rough terrain. Make sure the bike fits you well. Cycling uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal. Don’t set the gears to make pedalling extra hard. It would create a strain on your knees. Pedalling more rapidly at all times helps make your ride an aerobic activity. Research suggests that steady cycling burns about 300 calories per hour. Always wear a helmet for protection from serious head injury should you fall.