Can You Follow A Yogic Diet?

The ancient yogis believed that your diet had a huge influence on not just your physical wellbeing, but your spiritual wellness, too. The practice of Yoga had to be complimented by the right kind of food in order to gain the full benefits.

Ayurveda views food as more than just nutrients – food is energy. In order to achieve great energy, you need to eat foods that are not only rich in nutrients, but also leave you feeling light, satisfied and with a clear mind. You have to, as far as possible, eat fresh, seasonal foods. It doesn’t even remotely mean depriving yourself of good food, but to eat what is best for your body.

When you practice Yoga, you cultivate sensitivity and a subtle awareness, which allows you to feel the variations of the imprint that different foods create in your body and mind. When you know what to do in the kitchen, and follow the blueprint of the seasons as a guide, you soon experience more than just the taste of food, you feel its energy, or you could say its purpose, too.

Seasonal cooking and eating is a key practice to attune with Nature’s wisdom. We need to adapt our bodies through food, so that we enjoy the best of the energy of each season. In summer, it makes sense to eat less concentrated and warming foods than in winter, so you retain less heat in your body. The whole year has an energetic cycle to follow. A non-judgmental and compassionate approach to changing habits is fundamental for long-lasting results. We have to respect our bodies, and develop a lifestyle that is creative and enjoyable, one where food is celebrated as the fuel for the sacred fires of life on earth.