Can A Cold Shower Help You Lose Weight?

However unlikely it may sound, a cold shower can help with weight loss. Why? Research shows that because your metabolic rate can increase up to five times its resting level during a cold shower to maintain your core body temperature at 37 degrees C – meaning you burn more calories just to stay warm. Most of this extra heat comes from increased fat burning in your liver, by increasing heat production in a type of fat known as brown adipose tissue, and from the act of muscle shivering – research shows the energy used by shivering muscles mostly comes from stored fat. If you don’t fancy a freezing cold shower, you can still gain benefits from a shower that’s cold enough to cause shivering without shaking, which increases muscle tone. Experts in cold immersion suggest immersing your face first. This triggers a nerve reflex that decreases your heart rate as part of the so-called diving response. Then immerse your whole body in the cold flow for 10 to 20 seconds before turning the shower off. This short exposure is all you need to start burning fat for heat. Lather up with body gel and shampoo for a minute, then turn the cold shower back on. It won’t feel so cold, as your body has already adapted. Alternatively, start with a warm shower, then slowly reduce the temperature to the coldest setting for a maximum of three minutes.