You Can Lose Weight At Any Age

Over 60 and want to lose weight? Of course, you can! When it comes to weight loss, age is no bar, says research. If you’re between the ages of 60-78, with effort you can lose as much weight as a 40-year-old! If you’re overweight, losing pounds is important at every age but when you’re older, it acquires serious dimensions. Studies show that there are more than 50 health conditions, the root of which is obesity, that you can avoid if you lose weight. So, the relevance of weight loss becomes greater as we get older. There are a number of reasons why you may believe that you may not be able to lose weight at 60- plus years. You may believe that weight loss is not relevant to older people or then have the misconception that you can’t lose weight through a diet change and increased exercise. But age is no barrier to tweaking your lifestyle for a better one. Go for a walk, consider swimming, find activities you enjoy and get moving. It’s also a good time to reassess your eating habits. Plan meals and snacks that are high in whole grains like oatmeal, fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, beans, tofu and fish. Choose smoothies and soups if you have age-related dental issues. And don’t forget to drink enough water.