Raise Low Energy Levels

When your energy dips during the day, do you reach for popular pick-me-up snacks? Those sugary snacks, along with tea and coffee, are making you overweight and are, in fact, stressing your adrenals. Over time this may lead to adrenal exhaustion, which can give rise to a host of uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, mood swings and sugar cravings.

All-day energy doesn’t come from a pill or a concoction in a can. It comes from real food, which is packed with nature’s secret stash of natural revitalisers such as complex carbs, protein, and fibre. And you can find all of this right in your own kitchen. To increase and maintain your energy, it’s crucial to eat in ways that balance your blood sugar, support healthy adrenal function and keep you feeling good throughout the day.

Start right. Quinoa flakes are a great substitute for traditional porridge. Try quinoa flake porridge sprinkled with ground flax and pumpkin seeds with almond milk.

Eat healthy snacks. Protein-rich snacks are great for stabilising blood sugar and energy levels. Try a small handful of almonds with pumpkin seeds and ginger tea.

Hydrate. Decrease the caffeine, bump out the alcohol, drink vegetable juices and herbal teas instead.