Can Chamomile Tea Help Fat Loss?

Chamomile tea has no caffeine, and is a known relaxant. So, how can it help fat loss? Research shows that there are estrogenic compounds in our environment — from pollution, pesticides, chemicals in household cleaners etc, as also those in our foods like soy or beer. They can trigger the body to hold onto stubborn belly fat if you’re exposed to enough of them on a regular basis. These are called xenoestrogens and can make it tough for you to burn off body fat — especially abdominal fat. Chamomile tea is a potent source of unique phytochemicals and antioxidants that help to fight estrogenic compounds that you may have been exposed to. This can help your body to more effectively burn off stubborn body fat. Chamomile tea also reduces stress. Stress can cause a lower metabolism rate within your body. Lower metabolism means higher weight gain. Have chamomile tea daily for both stress reduction and weight loss.